Apr 16, 2010 · J.A. Steel's Third Feature Film, DENIZEN Rips into the B-movie Market with its IndieFlix Release · Press Release

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA (April 16, 2010) - The director that the media has called "the female Roger Corman for the 21st Century" and the "Queen of Schlock", released her third feature film in early April on the IndieFlix distribution platform. DENIZEN is now available On Demand as a 30-Day Stream and on DVD. Her previous features, THE THIRD SOCIETY and SALVATION, are available on

Peace gets shattered in a small town, when suddenly a mysterious creature starts to leave a bloody trail. The last hope for the residents to fight the terror, and prevent the destruction by military forces, rests on the courage and the resourcefulness of a small group of scientists. The townsfolk, led by Callie Calhoun (Julie Lisandro, CHEERLEADER MASSACRE) enlist the aid of marine biologist Dr. Dallas Murphy (Jody Mullins, SALVATION) to find the source of water contamination in a nearby lake. Dallas finds more than he bargains for when the mutilated bodies of locals begin turning up by the lakeshore. Dallas calls in the help of two old army buddies, US Army geneticist Dexter Maines (Ben Bayless, SALVATION) and First Lieutenant Sierra Deacon (J.A. Steel, THE THIRD SOCIETY) to help him track down the creature and the source of the contamination.

Led by Dallas' old commander, General Jernigan (Glen Jensen, FINGERPRINTS), the military shows up surprisingly fast and declares martial law. It is then a race against time to track down the creature, before Jernigan orders the town destroyed.

"I wanted to create a Creature movie that was a throwback to the low budget creature features of the late 50's. The movie is fun, cheesy and a great pizza and beer movie," says director J.A. Steel. "I added a bit of an updated twist with the Sierra Deacon character. Her dad, Zeke, is a cross-dressing General that aides Dallas' team. I thought of 'what if' the Klinger character from M*A*S*H stayed in the Army, became a General and had kids. Zeke is played by real life transgendered actress Dominique Storni. We had a lot of fun with the characters. Sierra is a Lesbian and married to a hot blonde, who turns out to be a little bit more than a strip-club waitress."

Steel's cheese ball of fun DENIZEN hasn't been lost on film festival programmers. DENIZEN has been selected by the 11th Annual Bare Bones Film Festival, and nominated for Best Sci-Fi Feature and Best Oklahoma Soil Film. The world premiere screening is on April 22 at 8pm in Muskogee, Oklahoma's Roxy Theatre. Advance tickets are just $5, and $7 at the door. DENIZEN then has its Georgia premiere on April 30th at 9pm at Outlantacon in Atlanta; where $35 buys the DENIZEN screening and conference events for the whole weekend.

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